“I started the Simple Earth Health Company because I wanted to offer superior products that actually have your health in mind and not just maximizing profits. I firmly believe in the following points:

1. Nature holds the answer to all our physical issues.
2. Good health supplements should be incorporated into our daily lives to plug the gaps in our food supply.
3. We should give back to the planet however we can.”

– Damon Perry, Founder

Who We Are

Simple Earth began with a very basic idea: to give people better alternatives to the mass-produced health products on the market. We have families and kids, and the health industry is largely unregulated.  After working in the health space, it was apparent that many companies cut corners and concerning nutritional supplements they use the least amount of ingredients possible and still make label claims for amounts much higher.  This practice is known as ‘Pixie-Dusting’. It was then that the idea that would later become Simple Earth was born.  Consumers on the whole do not educated themselves on the majority of the products the are giving to their families.  We believe that honest companies should just make sure they offer effective products and not skimp just to increase profits a few dollars.

What We Believe

Simple Earth is a Lifestyle|Wellness brand with values firmly rooted in being transparent, conscious, and responsible.  Our overall mission is to assist people in elevating their health and vitality so that they can live full lives and not lives tied to medical problems and medication forever.  We also believe in doing real good for the earth by partnering with companies who will plant live saplings on our behalf for every sale we make.  Customers can feel good about purchasing our products that are good for you and natural, while actually taking action on deforestation around the world.


Simple Earth has partnered with One Tree Planted® to do our part with global reforestation. For every sale we make we give back to the environment, protect biodiversity and help reforestation efforts around the world. All by planting trees!